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About PTE

Pearson Test of English (Academic)

PTE (Academic Test) or Pearson Test of English is designed to assess and accredit the English language skills of candidates who want to study in an English Speaking Country. Unlike IELTS and even TOEFL, PTE is totally fee of human intervention. It is Computer-based Computer-assessed test.
All the items in PTE (Academic) are machine scored. In a way, PTE is the new age language ability test that is free of any cultural or native skills bias. Apart from assessing the test taker’s communicative skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing), PTE also assesses for enabling skills (Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary, Written Discourse).

PTE Academic Test Structure

The test takes three hours approx. to complete. This includes an optional scheduled break of up to 10 minutes. There are three parts as below that are separately timed:

Part 1 SPEAKING & WRITING 77 – 93 min
Part 2 READING 32 – 41 min
Part 3 LISTENING 45 – 57 min

PTE Scores

PTE (Academic) provides the test taker composite or overall score as well as a separate score for each of the communicative and enabling skills. The composite score is based on the test taker’s performance on all test items (70 - 91 items of 20 different types). The score given for each item contributes to the overall score. The score range, for each parameter as well as overall, is 10–90 points.
The communicative skills measured are listening, reading, speaking and writing. Items testing these communicative skills also test specific enabling skills. The score range for each skill is 10–90 points.
The enabling skills are grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse. The score range for each skill is 10–90 points.

Two Types of Question items scoring in PTE

  • Correct/Incorrect Items (Full credit or zero credit)
  • The score for these items is based on correctness alone.
  • Partial Credit Items: Correct/Partially Correct/Incorrect: The score for these items is based on
  • Correctness
  • Formal aspects (e.g. word limit)
  • Quality of response (assessment of enabling skills)

  • Negative Marking

    There is no negative marking in PTE (Academic) except in ‘Multiple Choice – Choose Multiple
    Answers’ and ‘Highlight Incorrect words’ questions. For these two question types, the score is 1 for each correct option selected and (-) 1 for each incorrect option selected.