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How PTE Scored Mocks Help Improve Score in Final Exams

How PTE Scored Mocks Help Improve Score in Final Exams

By Admin / Apr 05, 2017

PTE Academic Test, designed to assess the English language skills of students who want to study in an English speaking country, has gained a lot of popularity in a short span of time, and is already vying in popularity with long established tests like IELTS and TOEFL. With such gain in popularity of PTE Academic, a number of online portals have come up with competing claims to get the prospective PTE test taker through with flying colours. What the portals end up doing, however, is only to provide poor replication of the various question types, and purported tips to answer the same. Such tips, fine as they are within their limited sphere, fail to tell the test taker where he stands and what next he should do to score high in the actual exam. Quite often, the portals neither simulate the actual test pattern, nor the marking scheme. It needs to be noted that PTE Academic is human hands-free test. There is absolutely no human intervention either in administering the test or in evaluating it. PTE administrators have worked out a highly sophisticated algorithm for evaluating the test taker's proficiency in English, free of any cultural or regional bias. Only a test series that replicates this algorithm and can predict the tests taker's score to a high degree of precision can actually help him crack the final exam with a high degree of confidence. Scored PTE practice tests, i.e. mocks that are evaluated by experts, benefit you in a number of ways, improving your score in the final exam. Here are some important benefits of scored PTE practice tests:

  1. You can know your score in individual sections - Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing and thus come to know the section in which you need to improve.

  2. By taking a scored PTE mock, you get a firsthand experience of how you will be evaluated in different sections of the PTE Academic exam.

  3. A scored mock PTE exam is an exact replica of the actual Academic PTE exam. If you repeatedly score well in scored mock tests, you can take the final exam with confidence and a positive attitude.

  4. A scored mock test tells you where you stand in your preparation and what improvement areas you need to work on.

As a rule of thumb, aim to score something like 75+ not only in the aggregate, but also in the individual modules. Keep practicing with scored mock tests till you achieve the score you wish to get in the final exam.

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Last updated on : Jun 25, 2019


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